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Terms of use

Terms and Conditions for Cashback shopping

Customer Agreement

This Customer Agreement is an official document regulating the relations between you (the Customer) and our Cashback Service. This Agreement shall automatically come into effect upon registration on our website.

General provisions

1. "Cashback" is a monetary reward to the buyer for the purchase of goods in an online shop, made with the help of the CashBack24 Service, which the buyer receives from the shop through the CashBack24 Service (intermediary), according to the interest rate established by the agreement between this online shop and the intermediary.

2. In order to become our Customer, you have to go through the registration process on our website. This will allow us to create your User account and an internal account to accumulate the paid cashback until you withdraw the money.

3. It is prohibited to use multiple accounts by one person. If this paragraph is violated, the CashBack24 Service shall reserve the right to block and delete all User accounts.

4. It is prohibited to disclose or to communicate your account data, especially your login and password, to third parties. In case of violating this paragraph, our Service shall not be liable for possible damage caused to the User.

5. The Service shall have the right to make changes to the structure of its work, the rules for charging cashback and the terms and conditions of use. In this case, we will immediately notify the registered Users through the newsletter.

6. The Users of our Service have to check the relevance of their data in their account. If you change your email and/or phone number, you should promptly update your account, otherwise you may experience problems with using our Service.

7. The minimum amount to withdraw cashback from our Service is 5 euros.

8. The minimum amount for withdrawal of funds earned through our referral program is 5 euros.

9. In order to prevent the loss of cashback, we strongly advise to read and to follow our recommendations.

10. In some cases, the stores may not be able to correctly identify you, and the cashback may not be credited as a result of malware on your computer, viruses and certain browser extensions.

11. The withdrawal of funds from your account shall be made by any of the methods available on our website.

12. We will send you an e-mail notification when you withdraw funds.

13. The tax burden for cashback money shall be borne by the User of our Service.

14. In case of money withdrawal through the referral program, the tax burden shall be borne by the Service in the following cases:

– When the User is a resident of Estonia (we withhold and pay 20% income tax)

– When the User is not a resident of Estonia but is domiciled in Estonia (we withhold and pay 20% income tax).

In other cases the tax burden shall be borne by the User.

15. The Service shall reserve the right to terminate or suspend access to the Service for any Customers who do not comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use.

16. Any fraudulent attempts on the part of the User will result in the immediate deletion of his/her account.

17. In case of technical failures, malfunctions or malicious actions of third parties, the Service shall have the right to suspend its operation until normal operation is restored. Under the aforementioned conditions and in the presence of serious reasons, the Service shall be entitled to suspend or cancel all the transactions, which were carried out during the faulty operation of the Service.

18. All disputes and disagreements between the Service and the User shall be settled by negotiations.

19. If negotiations failed, the dispute shall be settled by the application of one of the parties to the court.

Authority and responsibility

1. The Service doesn’t provide financial services.

2. The Service is an advertising platform for online shops.

3. The Service is not responsible for the quality of goods or services provided by the shops.

4. All claims regarding the quality of products or services shall be made directly to the shop selling that product or service.

5. The Service shall not be liable for changes or termination of activities of the shop placed on our website. Also, the Service shall not be responsible for the loss of cashback due to such changes.

6. The Service shall be liable for the direct losses caused by the improper actions or omissions of our employees.

7. The Service shall reserve the right to delete an account that was inactive for one year.

8. The Service does not organize and does not carry out the sale of any goods/services, is not a seller and does not affect the promotions or pricing policy of shops placed on our site.

9. When making a transaction through our Service, all rights and obligations between the parties shall be allocated directly between the shop and the buyer.

10. The Service shall not be responsible for the content of online shops placed on our website.

Referral program

1. How it works?

- You pass your referral link to your friend

- Your friend is registered with your referral link

- Your friend shops and gets cashback

- You earn 35% of each cashback get by your friend

2. Our referral program will allow you to make money from your friends' purchases. You do not have to make your own purchases, it is enough to invite as many friends as possible with your abstract link and receive 35% of the cashback received. After someone registers through your referral link, they will appear in the list of your referrals in your User account. Getting interests from your friends’ purchases will not affect them in any way, as these interests are paid to you by US.

3. Receipt of income from the referral program is classified by Estonian law as “other income” (“muu turundus”) and is subject to income tax (20%). It is our responsibility to withhold, pay and declare the tax and we will need your personal data to do this. This tax obligation applies to Users who are Estonian residents or non-residents domiciled in Estonia. As for other Users, all tax obligations shall be borne by the Users themselves and shall be in accordance with the laws of their countries of domicile/residence.

Additional information

1. When an order is made with the help of a consultant or by telephone, the cashback is not credited. The method of payment and delivery does not affect the cashback.

2. The use of promo codes and coupons, which are not from our site may result in loss of cashback.

3. Using promotional codes, coupons, discounts, bonus points and savings programs which are not from our site, as well as using cashback credit cards, the cashback may not be credited. On AliExpress the reason for not crediting cashback can be the seller’s price adjustment or individual discount.

4. Cashback is accrued from the actually paid cost of the goods. Most stores provide cashback only for the actually paid cost of the goods, it means not including the cost of delivery, use of discounts, coupons, promotional codes, bonus points and funds from the store's internal balance.

5. To prevent the cashback loss, you need to make a purchase immediately after moving to the shop website from our service. It is important to avoid closing your browser and transition to other sites after moving to the shop website. In order not to lose the product you like, you can add it to “Wishlist” or “Favourites”. The product must be added to the basket only after moving from our site.

6. Before making a purchase, do not forget to read the features, terms and conditions of the shop. If the shop has any special conditions to charge cashback, we publish this information on the shop webpage.

7. Cashback from purchases made via mobile devices is lost more often than from those made via PCs.

8. The mobile versions of many shops do not contain the special code required to use the cashback. If possible, make purchases from a PC.

9. Try to complete your order immediately after moving from our service or activating the cashback in the extension without transition to other pages and tabs.

10. Try to use a separate browser for cashback shopping.

11. Before making your purchase, close all your browser tabs and delete cookies for all time.